Naz Wellness Group

Naz and Wellness Pharmacy Group is a privately owned, independent business consisting of 13 well-established pharmacies within the Lower Mainland. We have grown from modest foundations into an operation that employs more than 80 people, and we continue to grow steadily. This growth is attributed to our unwavering dedication to not only meeting, but exceeding the needs of our community. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality patient care, fiscal responsibility, and progressive vision and growth.

We currently provide clinical services to the patient community through a number of health products, services, and programs such as our Pharmacy Home Care program. We offer many services that would be beneficial such as Health Monitoring, Diabetes Management, Customized Compounding, Health Seminars, and monthly Health and Education Clinics that encompass diabetes, heart health, osteoporosis, hearing, sleep, and obesity, among other topics.


Fraser Health

Naz Wellness has partnered with South Asian Health Institute (SAHI) to provide prevention education. Our pharmacists educate our South Asian patients on their increased risk of diabetes and heart disease and the importance of reducing sugars and eating healthier balanced meals, empowering them to make healthier decisions that will improve health and well being.

Diabetes Canada Partner

Diabetes Canada partners with community pharmacies across Canada to provide CDA resources and events that may include diabetes days, screening, foot clinics, ask the experts or other diabetes related topics. Many locations are in rural and remote areas of provinces where a pharmacist is the most accessible health professional

Helping Hands

Vancouver Helping Hands is a not-for-profit organizing that provides free essential hygiene products and other necessities to those in need in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside. NAZ Wellness Group is a proud sponsor of Vancouver Helping Hands. We have had several joint events such as the pancake breakfast and the blanket drive to help improve the lives of Downtown Eastside residents

Renal Transplant BC

The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre provides shelter, food, and other necessities to women in need in the Downtown Eastside. NAZ Wellness Group supports the DEWC by setting up glucose test clinics on a regular basis. A nurse and a pharmacist attends the clinics to do blood sugar testing and counselling on how to maintain or improve the women’s blood sugars to control their diabetes or reduce the risk of developing diabetes later on in life. We are working with the DEWC to create more opportunities for our healthcare staff to contribute to the safe and healthy lifestyle of women at the shelter.